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We've analyzed the 5 MAIN Reasons why everyone struggles with the MCAT

Many premeds 

allow their fears to take over when studying for the MCAT. This puts students in a perpetual cycle of chronic stress, holding them back from their best potential score.




Students complain that there is "too much material to memorize." However, the MCAT has to be approached strategically with keeping in mind that the MCAT is a mile wide and an inch deep.


Students make the mistake of assuming the MCAT is like a final for a college course; hence, they set aside only a few weeks to a month for studying which in most cases is not sufficient 

preparation for the MCAT


Many premeds 

allow their fears to take over when studying for the MCAT. This puts students in a perpetual cycle of chronic stress, holding them back from their best potential score




incorrectly approach passages without any strategy. This instantly puts students at a disadvantage from those who score in the 90th+ percentile 


One of the main reasons why students do not perform to their full potential is because they do not prepare and stick to a thorough study schedule for the MCAT

What We Do


Passage Reading Strategies


Scheduling and Time Management


Strategies to lower STRESS and use psychology to take on the MCAT


Helping students see the "big picture" that the AAMC wants its test-takers to see


Thorough content 

preparation with sufficient time to achieve highest potential score possible!

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Strategic Approach

Our approach understands that scoring a 511+ on the MCAT requires more than just understanding science material, but actually thinking like the MCAT test makers.  Many students often tell us that they get A's in all their science courses but they're unable to apply that knowledge on the MCAT in a manner that would result in scores of 515+.

When we work with students one-on-one, we are able to understand the student and synthesize a plan that works for them; this includes Science Passage strategy skills,  Psychology passage strategy skills, and CARS analysis. This type of tutoring is much more beneficial to a student than one of the Big Test Prep companies' classroom courses since those classroom teachers have an inflexible method of teaching mandated by the company. In fact, these teachers are usually barely qualified as well, with many who have not even taken the MCAT!

We teach and allow our students to apply several strategies such as process of elimination, general content knowledge, "guesstimation" and more). For CARS, Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills section, our Aspire CARS Workshop is a completely strategic approach to the test thats proved to work for many. Most, pre-med students often need a refresher on all the sections in the MCAT because most college courses are designed to be much more in depth than what the MCAT tests on. In addition to that, most students report taking classes many semesters or even years prior to the MCAT. This is why it is imperative to brush over all the topics listed by the AAMC; our 70 Steps to Success along with our notecard review provides ample content preparation. Our tutoring sessions include 1 hour of one-on-one tutoring along with 30 minutes of offline tutoring that includes addressing particular questions on a shared document that can be accessed 24/7. 


TOP SCORES: We specialize in helping students make the jump in order to score in the top 10 percentiles. We don't waste time with these students who are shooting for a top score since they don’t need basic help understanding or memorizing science concepts (which is why Big Test Prep Companies tend to be less helpful). Instead, we've realized these students need one-on-one  attention to focus on the strategic problem-solving and test-taking skills that set the average scorers from the top scorers. This way, we are able to handcraft our sessions to cater to the needs of the student.


AFTER BIG TEST PREP COURSES: Many students get lured into signing up for Big Test Prep company packages because they are so prevalent; these companies advertise on many websites, and they even advertise directly on college campuses throughout the nation. After these students complete a MCAT prep course, they take the MCAT or don't take it because they don't feel prepared enough. The ones who do take the MCAT end up receiving a score that wouldn't be competitive in medical school admissions. Usually, these courses are geared towards reviewing the sciences but they don't teach the actual tactics to effectively conquer the MCAT. Reviewing the sciences can easily be done with our FREE 70 Steps to Success Guide and its handpicked videos. We specialize in helping these students think and answer like the MCAT test makers.


MCAT RE-TAKERS: Students who have already taken the MCAT and were unhappy with their scores; these students are frustrated and disappointed that they have to retake. In this frustration, many make the mistake of preparing the same way they had before, but spending more time with the method that didn't work for them. This puts them at a risk of scoring below 510 again. However, there is a way to turn the experience of retaking the MCAT around to your advantage to show medical schools you are capable of doing very well on board exams. We first analyze previous scores and study methods and then handcraft a solution to strengthen these weaknesses to make sure these students excel on the MCAT their second time around.


We understand the struggle of taking on the journey of medicine, which is one of the most expensive pathways to a profession. Our tutors have stood in the same shoes as you. While Big Test Prep companies offer tutoring packages for the MCAT that cost upwards of $5,000, we are committed to giving you the best possible price with tutoring sessions starting at $79.99/hour. All of our tutoring packages also include a plethora of high yield workshops that has helped students score in the top percentiles of the MCAT. After all, this was one of our missions when starting Aspire MCAT Prep! Our package deals are guaranteed to be the best in value with unbeatable prices and plethora of content geared to help you get your best scores on the MCAT.


At Aspire MCAT Prep, our head tutors have mastered both the MCAT and helping others increase their scores. Their 95th+ percentile scores speak for themselves as well as several reviews of students who excelled on the MCAT under Aspire MCAT mentorship. While Big Test Prep companies are focused on making the greatest profits, they lose sight of the actual tutoring! We focus on the students and their performance on MCAT more than anything else. Many Big Test Prep companies hire tutors that scored just above a 510 who have never had experience in tutoring before. Some hire tutors that score well but are unable to mentor others since they haven't mastered the art of tutoring. Aspire MCAT tutors are students just like you who have  stood in the same shoes, looking forward to the hurdles to achieve success on the MCAT. 


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