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Why did we create the 70 Steps to Success?

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We created the 70 Steps to Success in order to make the journey to a top score guided, structured, and most importantly accessible for everyone. The most difficult part of the MCAT is the sheer amount of information; the AAMC lists hundreds of topics that are tested on the MCAT. The 70 Steps to Success splits all the topics up into easily digestible portions. It covers all the content that is required to know for the MCAT with hundreds of hours of handpicked videos that has helped students score in the top 5 percentile of the MCAT. Sign up for free under the Sign Up for Premier Plans tab and click Free Premier Prep to start today!

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70 Steps to Success

A Comprehensive guide that addresses all of AAMC's listed topics on the MCAT. The videos from each playlist are handpicked and were used to achieve 95th+ percentile scores. The best part is that it is free for everyone to use. Sign up for free today!

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High Yield Content Review

Attention to detail on the MCAT that are highly recurring. These topics are to be known thoroughly in order to ensure top percentile scores on the MCAT. 

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Handcrafted to fit your goals and fix your weaknesses on the MCAT. This is the best solution for reaching goal MCAT scores.

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"I highly recommend using Aspire MCAT's resources. I think it was extremely impactful in my MCAT score because it showed me what to focus on. The High Yield Workshops truly replicate the high yield topics and content on the actual MCAT"  - Hasan (520)

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What makes Aspire MCAT unique


"If not us, then who? If not now, then when?"

Our vision is novel in the field of the MCAT Test Prep. Our mission is to provide high quality services needed to achieve a top MCAT score to students of all financial backgrounds. One of our core focuses is to give back to the community. We aim to accomplish this mission in an innovative fashion; all our packages have a "Buy One, Give One" initiative in which we provide the package equivalent of free tuition to another student who’s not financially capable of getting MCAT tutoring due to circumstances such as providing for a sick relative, working several jobs, or other disadvantaged backgrounds. In addition to this, we will also provide scholarship opportunities for those from disadvantaged backgrounds that are interested in seeking professional MCAT tutoring. Unfortunately, the field of medicine as of now is difficult for people of lower income to succeed in; in fact, only 14% of matriculants in 2017 had come from a household income of $50,000 (AAMC 2017 Data); this depicts the steep disadvantage that lower income students face. We strongly believe that to fix these issues, we must take action as a community; we aspire to create an equal opportunity for everyone to embark on the journey of medicine.


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